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Astrology – Peculiar Dasas – 1


I did Jyotish Alankar from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi. They teach astrology in a scientific way. In astrology three things needs to be analyzed first i.e., (i) the promise in the horoscope, (ii) the operational dasa and antar dasa, and (iii) the transit. Astrologer S.Ganesh, a very learned astrologer from South India and Author of Ganesha Hora Shastram (Book 1 & 2) (if you are an astrologer or student of astrology buy these books and keep. In my experience as time passes finding such books is difficult) taught Parashara Vimshottari Dasa in the second semester.

Off many great concepts he taught, the most interesting and concept and often overlooked are ‘The Peculiar Dasas’. Whenever, I come across the horoscopes where the native is in distress, many times I found either of these dasa-antar dasa combinations is in operation. At times these dasas do positive results also. The combinations are:

  1. Saturn – Rahu or Rahu – Saturn: ‘Shanivat Rahu’, so this combination can work as double Saturn or Double Rahu. Most cases it is a troublesome dasa.
  2. Saturn – Venus or Venus – Saturn: The peculiarity of these two combinations are; Venus-Saturn behaves like Venus-Venus and Saturn-Venus behave like Saturn-Saturn.
  3. Venus – Rahu or Rahu – Venus: Always need cautions approach. This combination can give GREAT rise of SUDDEN fall. I know few cases which I will present later.
  4. Venus – Jupiter or Jupiter – Venus: Both benefic planets. Blemishless Jupiter and Venus during their periods give positive results. Ill paced or blemished Jupiter or Venus can produce family related problems.

For all these tricky and peculiar dasas

  • Check the dispositors (lordship) of two planets
  • Their strengths
  • Position from Lagna and from each other (axis)
  • Their relationship with each other
  • Position, Aspect and Conjunction
  • Saturn and Jupiter transit

As per me analyzing or reading of horoscope needs a careful and holistic approach. It needs to be done by observation than just looking at a chart. There is a difference between ‘Small’ and ‘Subtle’. One can look up Small things, whereas subtle things need observations. Same applies to reading horoscopes.

Will try to post some examples and more concepts in the coming days.

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