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Kota Chakra in Astrology – 1


If anyone wants to learn about “Kota Chakra” in astrology they have to refer to the book “Astrological Applications of Kota Chakra and Sanghatta Chakra” Authored by Shri K.K.Joshi. As per my knowledge, it is the only book available on Kota Chakra.

Kota Chakra is also known as Durga Chakra, durga means Fort. In olden days, this chakra used to find the chances of victory or defeat of kings in wars.

In modern days, this chakra can be used to identify period of arista such as ill health, accidents, physical and mental distress death etc.

How to Construct Kota Chakra

  1. Draw three squares one inside the other. This is the kota or Fort
  2. The fort has diagonals and cross. Diagonals are the entry path and cross is exit path.
  3. Write the names of 28 nakshatras starting from the janma nakshatra and from the north east corner along with diagonal and cross in serial order.
  4. The Kota Chakra is divided into four segments (i) Stambha or pillars (ii) Madhya or inner portion (iii) Prakara or boundary and (iv) Baahya or outer portion.
  5. Kota Swami or King: Kota Swami is the lord of the sign occupied by Moon at the time of the birth.
  6. Kota Paala or Protector: There is a procedure to find kota paala with the help of “Avakahada Chakra” or simply use the below table:
S.No Janma
Kota Paala for various paadas
Paada -1 Paada -2 Paada -3 Paada -4
1 Aswini Venus Venus Venus Moon
2 Bharani Moon Moon Moon Moon
3 Kritika Sun Sun Sun Sun
4 Rohini Sun Moon Moon Moon
5 Mrigasira Moon Moon Mars Mars
6 Ardra Mars Mars Mars Venus
7 Punarvasu Mars Mars Rahu Rahu
8 Pushyami Rahu Rahu Rahu Mercury
9 Ashlesha Mercury Mercury Mercury Mercury
10 Magha Saturn Saturn Saturn Saturn
11 Purva Phalguni Saturn Mercury Mercury Mercury
12 Uttara Phalguni Mercury Mercury Saturn Saturn
13 Hasta Saturn Rahu Mercury Mercury
14 Chitra Saturn Saturn Moon Moon
15 Swati Moon Moon Moon Jupiter
16 Vishaka Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter
17 Anuradha Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter
18 Jyesta Jupiter Moon Moon Moon
19 Moola Moon Moon Saturn Saturn
20 Purvashada Saturn Jupiter Saturn Mercury
21 Uttarashada Saturn Saturn Venus Venus
22 Sharavana Mars Mars Mars Mars
23 Dhanistha Mars Mars Mars Mars
24 Satabhisha Mars Rahu Rahu Rahu
25 Purvabhadra Rahu Rahu Jupiter Jupiter
26 Uttrabhadra Jupiter Jupiter Venus Venus
27 Revati Jupiter Jupiter Venus Venus

Sample Kota Chakra (using Jagannatha Hora)


Details of the Horoscope: 
Date: 27/July/2017
Time: 8:39 AM
Place: Hyderabad
Nakshatra:  Uttra Phalguni
Kota Swami: Mercury
Kota Paala: Saturn

Uttra Phalguni starting from the north east corner the nakshatras are arranged along the entry and exit path in serial order.

The light green enclosure Stamba or Pillars, next enclosure Madhya, next Prakara finally Baahya.  

In the next post, we will study the rules of interpreting Kota Chakra and thereafter few examples.

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