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Kota Chakra in Astrology – 2


Let’s discuss the rules used to interpret the transits of planets through Kota Chakra. For simple understanding, we will be considering only transit of planets leaving horoscope and dashas system. However, the Kota Chakra should be analyzed holistically considering the horoscope, running dashas and transit.

Rule 1: When malefics transit inside the Kota i.e., in Stambha or Madhya segments and benefics transit outside Kota they are harmful to the persons health and well being.

Rule 2: When malefics are on entry paths and benefics are on exit paths that is danger signal for the health of the native.

Rule 3: When outgoing malefic become retrograde it can lead to sudden mishaps or accidents or a person who had recovered may again fall ill. This is more common if rule 1 and 2 are present.

Rule 4: When a bad dasha and a powerful combination of “Durga Bhanga” (i.e., destruction of fort) are present and a benefic in entry road becoming retrograde means withdrawal of protection and can cause serious damage to health and well being of native.

Rule 5: When three or more nakshatras of same segment of Kota Chakra are occupied by malefics that can also cause harm to the health of the person. This rule is more applicable in case of Baahya (outer) segment.

Rule 6: When malefic planets transit the Kota Nakshatra (i.e., Janma Nakshatra) it is harmful for the health of the native. This will be case in a bad dasha. Generally malefic transit over moon is not considered auspicious.

Rule 7: This is related to the transit of Kota Swami and Kota Paala (as per natal chart). Kota Swami is comfortable transiting in Kota inner segments and Kota Paala is comfortable transiting in outer segments. In case the positions reverse that lead to adverse results.

One important rule For Rahu and Ketu the entry path i.e., diagonals are exit paths and the exit paths i.e., cross is entry path, as Rahu and Ketu go anti clockwise.

The above rules are simple to understand and akin to the olden days war strategies of kings.

In the next post lets analyses the Kota Chakra from the perspective of ‘Tara Balam’ before some case studies…..

At times after reading this kind of articles we feel like finding, where can I get more information? Are there any books on this subject? etc etc. For such kind people I am giving link to the book “Astrological Applications of Kota Chakra and Sanghatta Chakra” Authored by Shri K.K.Joshi. As per my knowledge it is the only book available on Kota Chakra.

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